I'm new to Craft and I'm stumbling at the first hurdle for Craft 3

I'm getting "Variable "entry" does not exist." and I'm certain it's something so simple I'm missing.


  • Install craft 3 via composer
  • Add a Single section called "Homepage" (URI: "/" | template: "index")
  • Add "templates/index.twig" - test it with basic markup; displays correctly
  • Add plain text field to homepage section ("homepageHeader")
  • Fill out homepageHeader in control panel and save.
  • Change template to literally only "{{entry.homepageHeader}}"
  • Error above after page refresh

I must be missing something VERY simple. What is it?

  • In order to test if you are in the correct template, you can open the homepage entry directly in your cp list (with the world icon) do you receive a route not found or template does not exists exception when you do that? Note: in order to set an entry as homepage you should leave the uri blank => no / Mar 8, 2018 at 18:48
  • Changing the URI to blank was the key! Feel free to add as an answer and I'll mark it. Thanks!
    – Mr DC
    Mar 9, 2018 at 11:18

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In order to set an entry as your "homepage" entry you have to leave the uri in the section completely blank. It does not work when you insert a / because this route does not fetch the correct element thus Craft is not able to provide the entry variable in your twig template

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