Following situation:

I have a inline-block title with a background gradient applied. So in order that the background always starts from the left, each line will have to be spanned by a span tag.

Welcome to<br /> 
our site

should become this:

<span>Welcome to</span><br /> 
<span>our site</span>

I've started with this:

{{ block.heroTitle|nl2br }} 

But I'm stuck.
Any help appreciated.


You can split your text

{% set text = block.heroTitle|nl2br %}
{% set splited = text|split('<br />')%}
{% for part in splited %}
    <span>{{ part }}</span>
{% endfor %}

If you need you can use the trim filter as well

<span>{{ part|trim }}</span>
  • That was exactly was I was after! Thanks a lot!
    – outline4
    Mar 8 '18 at 16:01

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