What is the difference between siteUrl and baseUrl in Craft 3? Is there any?


When you take a look into Craft you'll see this

 * @var string|string[] The base URL to the site(s). If set, it will take precedence over the Base URL settings in Settings → Sites → [Site Name].
 * This can be set to a string, which will override the primary site’s base URL only, or an array with site handles used as the keys.
 * The URL(s) must begin with either `http://`, `https://`, or `//` (protocol-relative).
public $siteUrl

So the baseUrl is what you insert in your site settings, the siteUrl can overwrite these values from your config

The Site.php (model) has a this function as well

 * Overrides the base URL while keeping track of the original one.
 * @param string $baseUrl
 * @return void
public function overrideBaseUrl(string $baseUrl)
    $this->originalBaseUrl = (string)$this->baseUrl;
    $this->baseUrl = rtrim($baseUrl, '/').'/';

which is called in the Site service


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