I have a _layout which includes a contact button: {% include '_contact-button' %}

This creates a small contact button in the bottom right of every page that when clicked expands into a contact form. I would like this to be on every page of the site except the Contact page as it has it's own contact form. Is there a way in the contact template to not include _contact-button while still using _layout? Something like {% dontInclude '_contact-button' %}?


Try putting it inside of a simple block as the default value...

{% block contactButton %}
    {% include '_contact-button' %}
{% endblock %}

Then on your one-off page, override that block with emptiness...

{% block contactButton '' %}

Untested, but that should do the trick!

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  • Ah I didn't realise you could override a block. That worked great. Thanks Lindsey! – patrick.altair Mar 5 '18 at 23:03

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