We're using the Digital Products plugin from Pixel and Tonic to sell 6 different types of products. I've set up a macro with matching icons for each of the product types (image, video, etc). On our user account page, I want to show recent purchases with the icon of the product type underneath it.

Usually, I would write {{ icons.image }} or {{ icons.video}} to call the icon macro. But the variable needs to be dynamic if I want to display it under a dynamic list of products.

In order to make it dynamic, of course, I need to be able to inject different macro variables image, video, etc when they're called.

I found the {{ attribute() }} function, which looks like the preferred way of accessing dynamic attributes.

So I tried this:

{{ attribute(icons, license.product.type) }}

And get this error:

Illegal offset type in isset or empty

So I researched a bit and found that I could try {{ attribute(icons, license.product.type[0]) }}

But that led to this error: Property "Craft\DigitalProducts_ProductTypeModel.0" is not defined.

So, basically now I'm stuck. My lack of PHP knowledge may be holding me back here.

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The better approach would be to pass the icon as a parameter to your macro. So I would do something like

{% macro renderIcon(type) %}
    {% switch type %}
        {% case 'video' %}
            {% include 'video.twig' %}
        {% case 'audio' %}
            {% include 'audio.twig' %}
        {% default %}
            {% include '_generic.twig.twig' %}
    {% endswitch %}
{% endmacro %}

And in your template you can do

{% import 'macro.twig' as icon %}
{{ icon.renderIcon(product.getType().handle) }}

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