I have set up two sections for two different kinds of events. On one page I want to differentiate between them on the other page I want to list them all. How do I organise that best on the back end and how do I call it best in the template?

  1. big events
  2. small events
  3. overview for all events

You can create one section called events with the different entryTypes small and big.

You'll fetch all events with


when you want to fetch only small events you'll do


and the same for the big one.

However you can call entries from multiple sections too

craft.entries.section(['smallEvents', 'bigEvents'])

I suggest you to read the docs these Cheet Sheets are a good place to learn templating too

  • Thanks Robin! You are always very helpful! I find the multiple sections approach easier for the editor differentiate between the kinds of events. – analog junkie Feb 14 '18 at 14:43

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