I'm trying to speed up this page: http://planned2perfection.co.uk/what-we-do

Yes it has a lot of images but I think it's TTFB that's the issue here. It's built with Structures which I'm thinking could be the bottle neck.

Is that something which will improve in Craft 3? Any tips of what I can do to help improve it?

    <div class="grid__col-sizer"></div>
    <div class="grid__gutter-sizer"></div>
    <div class="grid-item">
    <div class="grid-item__inner {% if entry.type.handle == 'image' %}grid-item--image{% endif %}">
      {% if entry.type.handle == 'image' %}
      {% for image in entry.image %}
      {# Build the markup for the media queries with the image dimensions. #}
      {% set firstMediaQueryWidth = 320 %}
      {% set firstMediaQueryHeight = ( image.getHeight('galleriesThumb') / ( image.getWidth('galleriesThumb') / firstMediaQueryWidth ) ) %}
      {% set secondMediaQueryWidth = 282 %}
      {% set secondMediaQueryHeight = ( image.getHeight('galleriesThumb') / ( image.getWidth('galleriesThumb') / secondMediaQueryWidth ) ) %}
      {% set thirdMediaQueryWidth = 330 %}
      {% set thirdMediaQueryHeight = ( image.getHeight('galleriesThumb') / ( image.getWidth('galleriesThumb') / thirdMediaQueryWidth ) ) %}
      {% set fourthMediaQueryWidth = 382 %}
      {% set fourthMediaQueryHeight = ( image.getHeight('galleriesThumb') / ( image.getWidth('galleriesThumb') / fourthMediaQueryWidth ) ) %}
      {% set firstMediaQueryData = firstMediaQueryData ~ ".open-pop[href=\"#item-p#{ pageNum }#{ loopIndex }\"] img { width: #{firstMediaQueryWidth}px; height: #{firstMediaQueryHeight|round}px }" %}
      {% set secondMediaQueryData = secondMediaQueryData ~ ".open-pop[href=\"#item-p#{ pageNum }#{ loopIndex }\"] img { width: #{secondMediaQueryWidth}px; height: #{secondMediaQueryHeight|round}px }" %}
      {% set thirdMediaQueryData = thirdMediaQueryData ~ ".open-pop[href=\"#item-p#{ pageNum }#{ loopIndex }\"] img { width: #{thirdMediaQueryWidth}px; height: #{thirdMediaQueryHeight|round}px }" %}
      {% set fourthMediaQueryData = fourthMediaQueryData ~ ".open-pop[href=\"#item-p#{ pageNum }#{ loopIndex }\"] img { width: #{fourthMediaQueryWidth}px; height: #{fourthMediaQueryHeight|round}px }" %}
         @media screen and (min-width: 500px) {
         @media screen and (min-width: 990px) {
         @media screen and (min-width: 1200px) {
         @media screen and (min-width: 1600px) {
      <a href="#item-p{{ pageNum }}{{ loopIndex }}" class="open-pop">
         <div class="grid-item__image">
            <div class="image-block-thumb"></div>
            <img class="lazyload" src="" data-src="{{ image.getUrl('galleriesThumb')}}" alt="{{ image.title}}" />
               <img src="{{ image.getUrl('galleriesThumb')}}" alt="{{ image.title}}" />
            {% endfor %}
      {% if entry.shortDescription is not empty %}
      <div class="block-short-description">{{ entry.shortDescription }}</div>
      {% endif %}
      {% endif %}
      {% if entry.type.handle == 'video' %}
      <div class="video-container">
         <div id="myElement-{{ entry.mediaId }}" class="video"></div>
         var playerInstance = jwplayer("myElement-{{ entry.mediaId }}");
         file: "//content.jwplatform.com/videos/{{ entry.mediaId }}-{{ entry.mediaType }}",
         image:"http://content.jwplatform.com/thumbs/{{ entry.mediaId }}-480.jpg",
                        preload: "none",
             mediaid: "{{ entry.mediaId }}",
             logo: {
                hide: true,
      {% if entry.shortDescription is not empty %}
      <div class="block-short-description">{{ entry.shortDescription }}
      {% endif %}
      {% endif %}
      {% if entry.type.handle == 'text' %}
      <div class="block-text {% if entry.quote %}block-quote{% endif %}">{{ entry.textArea }}</div>
      {% endif %}
   <div id="item-p{{ pageNum }}{{ loopIndex }}" class="white-popup mfp-hide">
      <div class="white-popup__inner">
         <div class="img-container">
            {% if entry.type.handle == 'image' %}
            {% if images.getWidth() < images.getHeight() %}
            <img src="{{ images.url ('galleriesLargePortrait') }}" alt="{{ images.title }}">
            {% if entry.description is not empty %} 
            <div class="content">
               {{ entry.description }}
            {% endif %}
            {% else %}
            {% if entry.category.first.slug == 'venues' %}
            <img src="{{ images.url ('galleriesLargeVenues') }}" alt="{{ images.title }}">
            {% else %}
            <img src="{{ images.url ('galleriesLarge') }}" alt="{{ images.title }}">
            {% endif %}
            {% if entry.description is not empty %}   
            <div class="content">
               {{ entry.description }}
            {% endif %}
            {% endif %}
            {% endif %}

I'm not 100% sure if your images causing all the trouble because other pages without any images are really slow (compared to how fast they should be) as well.

Maybe there is an issue with your server performance overall or you have something in your other layout templates that are causing trouble or you use some "not so well designed" plugins.

Remember that you can always see what DB queries are happening in a given request by enabling Dev Mode and checking your browser’s Javascript console, where all DB queries for the current request will be logged, ordered by how long they took. If you don't understand what they mean - maybe you could share your results here after you removed the parts you don't want us to see.

So if the issue is DB related you should be able to find it really quickly. However over all you should really avoid all these style tags and use proper css classes. That's usually bad practice and can slow your page down as well since you have to create/render so many tags every single time.

Another good idea might be to lazy load your images. I know you use a front-end based lazy load but I mean a server based lazy load like many other pages. So you load about 10-15 elements during the creation of the DOM and the rest after the client scrolls down with Ajax. Your DOM is really huge, I didn't count the number of elements you fetch but if you halve them and notice a high performance boost you should really give it a try. If you wan't I can create the script/plugin for you.

One last question: how did you structure your backend? Are all those images/texts/videos custom entries that you relate with your page?

  • Thanks for the great reply Robin! Working through your points. I've toggled the plugins on and off and didn't see any improvements so I don't think it's that. I've looked at the Console, seems to be taking 6-7s but couldn't spot anything which is taking a long time, just a lot going on. I've put the staging site into dev mode. If you're able to take a look and see if you can spot anything that would be hugely appreciated > p2p.progress-review.co.uk/what-we-do The back-end of this is build with a Section, then Entries with different Page Types for images/text/video – sarah3585 Feb 13 '18 at 16:32
  • Ok so: your page fires 373 queries which takes 10.23946s, for reference other pages (contact) with 26 queries take ( 1.3s). My sites with around 150 - 200 queries take about 1.3s to load. It could definitely be the server that is too slow or there is something else that slows it down too much. I didn't notice any fatal queries or something like that at the first sight. 373 queries are a lot but it should be a little bit faster, your average query time is about 4 times slower that it should be compared to other servers we use. I couldn't see any critical plugins as well – Robin Schambach Feb 13 '18 at 16:51
  • So all in all: chances are high that it's the server itself that is a little bit too slow. Do you use a paid server or a free one? Is there a possibility for you to run the page on your local xampp/lamp/ environment? Or can you contact your hosting company and ask them to improve your values? – Robin Schambach Feb 13 '18 at 16:52
  • It's slow on both my staging server and the clients server (shared hosting, but not free). Even my own local version is sluggish. – sarah3585 Feb 13 '18 at 16:55
  • Would using {% cache %} help in this situation? – sarah3585 Feb 13 '18 at 17:50

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