We launched a site for a scientific publication and they use subscript and superscript in lots of their content. Now they'd like to use in entry titles too..

I know I can set the entry title to be a custom field, but that field would be a rich text field in this case, which is far far far from ideal for a title.

I'm using this plugin to add sub/superscript https://github.com/elliotlewis/Redactor-Extras

Looking to fix this without having to use a rich text field.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated!

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You can create different Redactor Fields with different settings/plugins. The easiest solution would be to create a redactor field only with your sub/superscript options so users can only insert those 2 things and no other html elements (bold, italic and so on).

You can search for an existing plugin or create your own to disable line breaks as well


A simple option for you would just be to use unicode superscript characters in your titles:



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