I'm trying to set up a multisite with Craft 3, and the client wants a set up with URLs that look like foo.client.com, with foo.client.com/2018 and foo.client.com/2019. Right now, my index.php file looks like this:

switch(explode('/', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])[1]) {
  case '2018':
    define('CRAFT_SITE', 'twentyEighteen');
    define('CRAFT_SITE', 'default');

This correctly changes the site if I go to /2018, but the problem is that Craft is looking for templates at templates/2018/xx/xx instead of templates/xx/xx.. So when I go to foo.client.com/2018 I get:

Template not found: 2018

In the back-end I have the twentyEighteen site defined and the site base URL is set to http://foo.client.com/2018/.

I know that this should work because they even use /en and /nl as examples in the Craft 2 Localization Guide, and Craft 3 multisites work similarly.

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