I'm using a route to use a different template, but whatever I try the page remains unchanged, my structure is set as:

entry url format: {slug}

entry template: _pages/_entry

I want an entry's slug to use a different template - would this possibly be affecting the route being followed?

I want the entry 'home' to use the 'index' template (and not the '_home' template which exists at _pages/_home)

I've cleared my cache and updated indexes

  • I used {% redirect "/" %} will think of a better way, but for parent entries in a structure where they are just used for the structure and need no content, e.g. ABOUT (no content) team history is there a way of redirecting say ABOUT to team?
    – user2569
    Commented Jan 12, 2018 at 17:05

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You know you can do things like this in your root entry template to load it dynamically based on slug or entry type

{% extends [
  'pages/_custom/' ~ page.slug ~ '.twig',
  'pages/_entrytypes/' ~ page.type ~ '.twig',
  'pages/_generic.twig' ]

What does each line actually do assuming thats in _entry.twig? and assuming the templates reside in the /pages directory? A brief overview of the functionality would be invaluable :)

  • Say that you have an entry with the type page and the slug slug. It would first try to load pages/_custom/slug.twig - if that doesn't exist it would try to load pages/_entrytypes/page.twig - and, finally, it would fall back to pages/_generic.twig Commented Jan 15, 2018 at 11:52

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