I'm newish to Craft CMS.

Im building a plugin for a client, one of their forms needs to post inputted data to an api then return a result to a hidden text area before the email if fired off.

I have built the form and plugin with event, only problem is this event fires with every form i have on the site now. is it possible to target a form handle in the event ?

Currently using

craft()->on('amForms_submissions.onBeforeSendEmail', function (Event $event) {
    $params = $event->params();

Thanks in advance


The following code fires the onBeforeEmailSubmission event (link)

// Fire an 'onBeforeEmailSubmission' event
$event = new Event($this, array(
    'email'      => $notificationEmail,
    'submission' => $submission,

So you'll have access to the $submission and to the $email as array keys in your $params variable. In order to get the form you have to do

$submission = $params['submission'];
$form = $submission->getForm();
if($form->handle === 'whatever'){
     // do something

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