Or is one pro license enough? We're running a stage environment and a production environment for the same website. Thoughts?


One is enough you don't need a license for a development server at all source

And here is something from FAQ as well link

Is there a way I can try Craft Client or Pro out before buying?

Yes. As long as you’re running Craft CMS from a non-public-looking domain name (e.g. “mysite.dev” or “staging.mysite.com”), you will have the option to test the Client and Pro editions indefinitely.

And a info from the Terms and Conditions

3. License Agreement Model

This is a single-installation license, meaning you may integrate a Licensed Copy into one public-facing (“Internet”) or internal (“intranet”) web root directory at a time (the “Website”). You may also install and use Craft without limitation for local development and testing purposes.

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