I have this custom config in config/app.php, but Craft seems to keep using the default Control panel Sendmail config.

It seems this doesn't get merged in the main.php file. (as promised)

 return [
 'components' => [
     'mailer' => function() {

        // Get the stored email settings
        $settings = Craft::$app->systemSettings->getEmailSettings();

        // Override the transport adapter class
        $settings->transportType = craft\mail\transportadapters\Smtp::class;

        // Override the transport adapter settings
        $settings->transportSettings = [
            'host' => 'xx',
            'port' => 'xx',
            'useAuthentication' => true,
            'username' => 'xx',
            'password' => 'xx'

        return craft\helpers\MailerHelper::createMailer($settings);


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