In my plugins init() function I have this:

Craft::$app->view->registerTwigExtension(new TestTwigExtension());

If I duplicate that and change the Twig Extension class name, I just get an error:

Class 'marknotton\test\Test2TwigExtension' not found

In Craft 2.x, this worked:

  public function addTwigExtension() {
    return array(
      new test(),
      new test2()

It seems that approach has completely changed. I can't rename any file names, Craft::import doesn't exist anymore, and I can't pass an array into the registerTwigExtension() function. (Craft 3 is scary).

What I'm trying to achieve is a way of organising my Twig Extension files, rather than having everything in one file.

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    To be honest I'm a little bit confused what the problem is (I noticed our way of doing this is totally different) But does your Test2TwigExtension class exists and did you include it properly? Not sure what you mean with "I can't rename my filenames". When I create 2 separate twig extensions in two different files I can include them both with Craft::$app->view->registerTwigExtension(new ClassName()); Commented Dec 31, 2017 at 18:41

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There are several things going on here. This will be a general answer that can hopefully help you move forward. This example will use Sprout Active as a reference and you can see the code here for an example of a plugin that implements multiple, simple Twig Extensions.

Define your Twig Extension class and Namespace

In Craft 3, you can register a Twig Extension (or multiple Twig Extensions) in your Plugins init. While the line to register the Twig Extension is straightforward, there are a lot of other details that matter in your file and I'll comment the code below to highlight why:


// In Craft 3, each class you create has a namespace. You need to 
// make sure that this is referenced in any other classes that use this class
namespace barrelstrength\sproutactive;

// We're referencing the namespaces of other classes in this class too.
// We use the Craft Plugin class, to create our plugin
use craft\base\Plugin;

// You'll create this file next. We need to identify the namespace
// of the Twig Extension we'll be importing so Craft knows where it is
// when we reference `new TwigExtensions()` below
use barrelstrength\sproutactive\twig\TwigExtensions;

class SproutActive extends Plugin
    public function init()

        // Register the Twig Extensions file. We could name this anything
        // and put this anywhere in our folder structure now. As long as 
        // we reference the namespace properly above, Craft will be able to 
        // find it. We can create multiple Twig Extensions within this
        // TwigExtensions Class or create multiple files to manage our
        // Twig Extensions and import those classes too.
        Craft::$app->view->twig->addExtension(new TwigExtensions());

Twig 2 updated several things too

Once we get the extensions loaded, you can create extensions similar to before, however, Craft 3 uses Twig 2 which introduces several breaking changes on it's own. You can see some discussion of the Twig 2 front-end changes in the Craft docs but the docs don't discuss the API changes.

In Twig 2, Twig_SimpleFunction replaces Twig_Function_Method and Twig_Filter_Method so you'll need to update any Craft 2 Twig Extensions code to use Twig_SimpleFunction

In the Sprout Active TwigExtensions Class you can see how the class creates multiple Twig functions within the getFunctions method.

public function getFunctions()
    return [
        new \Twig_SimpleFunction('active', [$this, 'getActive']),
        new \Twig_SimpleFunction('activeClass', [$this, 'getActiveClass'], ['is_safe' => ['html']]),
        new \Twig_SimpleFunction('segment', [$this, 'getSegment']),
        new \Twig_SimpleFunction('segmentClass', [$this, 'getSegmentClass'], ['is_safe' => ['html']])
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    So sorry it's taken 11 months to show my appreciation for the Ben! I'm not sure what happened, I'm alway quick to give thanks normally. This is a great and very detailed answer. Thank you very much! :) Commented Nov 29, 2018 at 8:40

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