just getting start with Craft, and I can't figure out why my images won't output. Any time I try to output even the path to the url of my image, I get an internal error: Craft\AssetFileModel and its behaviors do not have a method or closure named [...].

I can successfully do this:

{% if entry.pageImage | length %}
    {% for pageImage in entry.pageImage %}
        {{ pageImage }}
    {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

Which just outputs the title of the image. But I want to display the image. I was expecting to be able to be able to use {{pageImage.getUrl()}} or {{pageImage.url}} or {{pageImage.fileName}} but these will throw the aforementioned error. How do I output an image?

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You would usually display the image with

{% for pageImage in entry.pageImage %}
    <img src="{{ pageImage.getUrl() }}"> 
{% endfor %}

But this only works if you enabled the public url option for the asset source. There is a light switch if those assets should have urls or not in your cp

It also has a getImg() function

 * Returns an <img> tag based on this asset.
 * @return \Twig_Markup|null
public function getImg()
    if ($this->kind == 'image' && $this->getHasUrls())
        $img = '<img src="'.$this->getUrl().'" width="'.$this->getWidth().'" height="'.$this->getHeight().'" alt="'.HtmlHelper::encode($this->title).'" />';
        return TemplateHelper::getRaw($img);

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