I have an Assets field assigned to my homepage. I can assign and upload images the same way I've always done.

When it comes to templating, I can loop through the images and output the filename. What I can't do anymore is get the URL. What am I missing?

{% set assets = entry.featured %}

{% if assets | length %}

    <h3>Some great assets</h3>
    {% for asset in assets %}
          {{ asset.title }}<br />
          {{ asset.url }}
    {% endfor %}

{% endif %}

The url's no longer return anything. I've also tried getUrl('someTransformHandle') too.

I can't see anything mentioned in the Craft 3 documentation for assets regarding any deprecations or significant changes.


Did you set up your Asset Volumes to have the proper paths/URLs? Do you have Assets in this volume have public URLs turned on?

Do you have a volumes.php configured to be multi-environment aware? It's not a necessary step, unless you require the now-deprecated environmentVariables settings:


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