I have a situation where I wish to automatically set entry title based on locale entry was created in. This is what I use for title:

{{ object.locale == "jp" ? "Japanese title" : "English title"}}

This works fine but when I create an entry in Japanese locale and open it in English locale and resave it the title changes to "English title" and that's not what I want, I wish to preserve the original title. Is that possible somehow?

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Completely untested, but something like this should work:

{{ !object.id ? (object.locale == "jp" ? "Japanese title" : "English title") : object.title) }}

Basically only run your logic if the entry doesn't have an ID yet (which new entries won't until they are saved).

  • Thanks to your help this is what worked: {{ object.title ? object.title : (object.locale == "jp" ? "Japanese title" : "English title ") }}
    – Mato
    Nov 20, 2020 at 14:55

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