I have a URL passing values from form checkboxes to a template. All the checkboxes are grouped with the same name= attribute. When multiple checkboxes are selected, the query string looks something like:


However, craft.request.getQuery('checkValue') returns only the last value (34567 in this case).

How can I retrieve all the values so they can be used and manipulated?

EDIT: I've corrected the naming of the checkboxes from name="checkValue" to name="checkValue[]", so now my query string looks like this:


Does that change what can be accessed using craft.request.getQuery('checkValue')?

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This question is not really Craft related. Since you just don't send a valid request. You can't send one key multiple times unless you do it in an array.

The php $_GET is a simple array with all your values and you overwrite them again and again.


  • Please see edits to original post. Commented Dec 14, 2017 at 0:32

Using the corrected checkbox name name=checkValue[] the submitted values


are converted to an array. The array values can now be accessed using

{% set checkVals = craft.request.getQuery('checkValue') %}

{{ checkVals[1] }} {# outputs 23456 #}


{% for cVal in checkVals %}
    {{ cVal }}
{% endfor %}

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