I'm trying to add a source on a custom element type that shows entries with an empty assigned_user_id field. This criteria is not honored and returns the same results as the "All Entries" source. Is there any way to specify a null or empty string criteria value?

public function getSources($context = null)
    $sources = [
        '*' => [
            'label' => Craft::t('All Entries'),
            'defaultSort' => [

    $sources[] = ['heading' => 'Assignments'];

    $sources['unassigned'] = [
        'label'    => Craft::t('Unassigned'),
        'criteria' => ['assigned_user_id' => '']

    return $sources;
  • Is your assigned_user_id a Craft relation or just a simple integer? Dec 12, 2017 at 4:59

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You can set it to ':empty:', as mentioned in the DbHelper::parseParam() documentation.

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