I have a project that the user choose a tag (tags are already created) and save the information.

I try save a entry which has a tag field, all the stuff saves, but the tags don't. I try search information about that, but any where have a solution or the solution doesn't work.

I try entry form.


Hard to know without seeing some template code, but the syntax for saving existing tags on a front-end entry form looks like this:

<select multiple name="fields[fieldHandle][]">
    <option value="13">Tag Name One</option>
    <option value="42">Tag Name Two</option>
    <option value="144">Tag Name Three</option>

Replace fieldHandle with the actual handle of your Tags field and 13, 42 and 144 with the actual Tag IDs.

There's a great list of examples for what front-end inputs need to look like for Craft fields here you might find useful: https://straightupcraft.com/articles/craft-cms-field-guide-twig?view=input

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