I have a section "Emails" which has an entry 'Welcome Email'. The template assigned for it under Section is '_email/welcome'. This works fine when viewed in frontend. But I want to render the same template in my plugin services. The code I have used is:

$template = 'welcome';
$data = 'foo';

$oldPath = craft()->path->getTemplatesPath();
$path = craft()->path->getTemplatesPath().'_email/';
$html = craft()->templates->render($template,$data);
$breaks = array("<br />","<br>","<br/>");  
$text = str_ireplace($breaks, "\r\n", $html);

But this gives an error "_email/_layout" not found in craft.log . What am I doing wrong ? Could anyone please help.

Thanks in advance.


If it is a frontend request

$html = craft()->templates->render('_emails/_layout.twig', $data);

and in a backend request

$oldPath = craft()->path->getTemplatesPath();
$newPath = craft()->path->getSiteTemplatesPath();
$html = craft()->templates->render('_emails/_layout.twig', array());
  • For backend request it Still gives same error exception.Craft\TemplateLoaderException] exception 'Craft\TemplateLoaderException' with message 'Unable to find the template “_emails/_layout.twig”.' in /..path../craft/app/etc/templating/twigextensions/TemplateLoader.php:123 – hashtagerrors Dec 11 '17 at 5:21
  • And your template is a .twig file and in /_emails/_layout.twig? Because it works for me and it always has. Could you dump the $newPath and check if it's correct? – Robin Schambach Dec 11 '17 at 5:25
  • Everything was correct but still things were not working. But strangely after clearing out cache your code worked. Thanks. – hashtagerrors Dec 11 '17 at 6:27

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