I currently have a form that has an upload file fieldtype and this currently stores the file in an asset source in Craft. What I would like to do is attach some of the form submitted field data alongside the asset using fields within the Asset field layout.

Ideally I would like to store the Form Submission ID, Name and Email address.

Any ideas as to how I would go about doing this?


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You could try to use Craft and/or freeform hooks https://solspace.com/craft/freeform/docs/events-and-hooks/#events-freeform-forms and fetch the assets related to the entry during the beforeSaveprocess, add field values of the submission to it and save it again. There are examples how to do this in Crafts documentation

Or the most flexible (and for me easiest) thing: create a custom controller that extends the freeform controller and add a few lines to attach those information to the asset.


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