I have tried to find the new way get the total in a user group in php (plugin), but not having much luck... Please help Assume it starts with Craft::$app->users ?


Use the ActiveRecord from Yii2

$userGroupId = 1 // insert your usergroup Id here
$users = User::find()->groupId($userGroupId)->all();

Or via handle

$userGroup = Craft::$app->userGroups->getGroupByHandle('handle');
$users = User::find()->group($userGroup)->all();

If you mean the number of users in a group with total you just have to do count() instead of all()

To get the users of each group you can do

foreach(Craft::$app->userGroups->getAllGroups() as $userGroup){
    $users = User::find()->group($userGroup)->all();
  • Thats perfect. Thank you for the thorough answer
    – Spotd
    Dec 5 '17 at 20:06

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