As there is no native config to control the naming of assets I am trying to write a small plugin to do this. Here is what I have;

    craft()->on('assets.saveAsset', function (Event $event) {
        if ($event->params['isNewAsset']) {

            $asset = $event->params['asset'];

            // Set the filename to a variable, appending the file extension
            // $extension = $asset->getExtension();
            // $filename = strtolower($asset->filename.md5(time()).'.'.$asset->getExtension());
            $filename = strtolower($asset->filename.'.'.$asset->getExtension());

            // Rename the file on the server
            craft()->assets->renameFile($asset, $filename);

            // Set filename attribute and re-save asset
            $asset->setAttribute('filename', $filename);

However, this currently results in a duplication of the extension like so; model-rendering-image.jpg.jpg

If I remove this part of the code '.'.$asset->getExtension()) then the asset isn't renamed at all.

Can't seem to get past this hurdle.

Anyone able to shed some light?

Also is there a reason that assets are not renamed to lowercase by default or why this isn't rolled in as a config option?

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    Possible duplicate of Change asset name on upload – Brad Bell Dec 1 '17 at 17:27
  • This is certainly based on that but my question is more specifically about how to remove the duplicate extension in the name. – Terry Upton Dec 1 '17 at 20:56

Just tested your code and it worked as you'd expect if you leave off the extra getExtension() call (the filename property already includes the extension).

$filename = strtolower($asset->filename);

If it's not saving for you with that, you've got some other error happening elsewhere.

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