I can see that craft.request.firstSegment and craft.request.lastSegment works but craft.request.secondSegment does not. Is there a way (as in ExpressionEngine) to get the value of any URL segment?

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Craft 2: craft.request.getSegment(2), see Craft docs

Craft 3: craft.app.request.getSegment(2)


There's also another way that would be more consistent, in case your segments are not always in the same segments array position. You'd make your routes to match a certain mask in the routes.php file like so:

return [
  '<country_code:[a-z]{2}(-[a-z]{2})?>/<section_URI:team>' => ['template' => 'team']

And then in your twig template you could access the variables country_code and section_URI as long as these two were provided in the URL, otherwise they'll be undefined, which you can also check.

{% if country_code is defined %}
   //Do something with country_code
{% endif %}

Note: The syntax used in Craft 3 routing differs from the one in Craft 2: https://docs.craftcms.com/v3/changes-in-craft-3.html#url-rules

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