I'm trying to get the drafts for the entry on the front end to populate my plugin on the sidebar but cannot get the drafts returned with this code in a Twig template.

entry is an EntryModel here.

The entry ID is {{entry.id}} 

{% set drafts = craft.entryRevisions.getDraftsByEntryId(entry.id) %}

{{ dump(drafts) }}

drafts is an array of 0 elements

Even trying it in a PHP plugin class and hard-coding the entry ID like

$drafts = craft()->entryRevisions->getDraftsByEntryId(995);

$drafts is empty.

Everywhere I've looked says to do like the above; however, this doesn't return any drafts that belong to the entry as expected.

In the dropdown by the entry name, it has the 2 Drafts' names and when clicking them it takes me to the draft, so it seems like the drafts are correctly mapped to this entry.

What am I missing?


Specify the locale when getting the drafts, or else it will fetch drafts for the default locale. In my case, there was only drafts for a particular locale but not the default.

{% set drafts = craft.entryRevisions.getDraftsByEntryId(entry.id, 'localeId') %}

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