I have a site that deals exclusively with user generated content.

After a few years, the users table is getting to a stage where it can probably be pruned of folk who have registered but not actually submitted any content.

What query would I run to show the users who have zero posts?

I thought something like select id from craft_users where id not in (select distinct authorId from craft_entries) would do it.

The distinct query certainly returns 1020 rows where we actually have around 1800 users.


Looks like this will do the trick

select * from craft_users
left join craft_entries on craft_users.id = craft_entries.authorId
where craft_entries.authorId is null and craft_users.id <> "1"
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    You probably don't want to delete the results of that query from the craft_users table, though. Take the id from the results and delete the matching ids from the craft_elements table. The cascading deletes on the foreign keys will take of cleanup up the relevant rows in the related tables.
    – Brad Bell
    Nov 15 '17 at 19:05

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