Can anyone provide a working example to extend the following code (add support for matrix block named "copy") and allow getPage usage:

{% set entries = craft.entries({
   section: ['news'],
   order: 'postDate desc',
   limit: 5,
   with: [
     ['assets', { kind: 'image' }]
}) %}

{% for content in entry.contentBuilder.type('copy').limit(1) %}
   {{ content.copy.getPage(1) }}
{% endfor %}

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Update after Brad's comment since the with part seems to be ok - by the way thank you, it is another good example that you never stop learning.

I never saw that with attribute in a ElementCriteriaModel and after several searches I could not find any use of that attribute in craft (Please correct me if I'm wrong) the rest should be fine.

Instead of the .limit(1) you could do the following

{% set content = entry.contentBuilder.type('copy').first() %}

The getPage() function only exists in the class RichTextData maybe you have a different fieldType? Otherwise you could just do {{ content.copy }} as well to display the text in that field.

All in all it would be a good idea to tell us a little bit more about your goal, your fields and your errors. Your description is a little bit insufficient in my opinion


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