I am developing a custom plugin that has a variable setting that can take multiple options. I've decided to use forms.editableTable from Craft's _includes/forms. It does the job great, saving and retrieving the settings.

Now I am trying to add validation to the columns on the table: the validation model is set and I am correctly passing the errors to the "right" position (Meaning I get the row index and which column has the error).

I know Craft.EditableTable has the getRowHtml method that I can use to retrieve the row and apply error classes to the field(s).

I've watched the Javascript in the Control Panel video, but Craft.EditableTable doesn't set a data attribute with it's instance.

Is there any other ways to get it?



So, after fiddling with it for a while, this is what I came up with it:

When using forms.editableTable make sure you don't initialize Craft.EditableTable. You can do that by setting the initJs to false:

{{ forms.editableTable({
    id: 'myTableId',
    name: 'myTableName',
    cols: yourTableCols,
    initJs: false,
}) }}

That means that you will have to initialize the Craft.EditableTable yourself:

{% includejs %}
(function () {

  var t = new Craft.EditableTable(
    "{{ 'myTableId'   | namespaceInputId   | e('js') }}",
    "{{ 'myTableName' | namespaceInputName | e('js') }}",
    {{ yourTableCols|json_encode|raw }},
      onAddRow: function( tr ) {
        // attach event listeners to row fields here

} ());
{% endincludejs %}

From this point on, you can add your own listeners to the fields in the row.

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