On Craft 2.x, is it a known limitation that we must allow unsafe-inline for script-src in the Content-Security-Policy? My admin dashboard fails to load when I don't allow it.

...Trying to get a high grade on Mozilla Observatory :)

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I implemented this recently and what I ended up doing is return the content security headers using PHP. Depending on the request path (is it a CP URL or not?), we send CSP headers with unsafe-inline and unsafe-eval or not.

Of course, the CP is still unsecured, but what you can do is to specify a custom domain for the CP in your configuration (using the "baseCpUrl" key). Something like "admin.yourwebsite.com" that only certain users can access (using IP filtering for example).

It is still not a perfect solution, but we cannot do anything at the CP level unfortunately. I hope this will not be an issue anymore in Craft 3.

  • Does Craft 3 avoid this issue with unsafe-inline? Apr 9, 2018 at 18:59

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