Anyone with Neo experience had issues with outputting an assets field with multiple images? I am not using a dynamic field, as I saw there are issues with that.


{% for asset in block.serviceGallery %}
    <div class="fg-col-xs-6 fg-col-md-4" data-gallery="{{ loop.parent.index }}">
        <img src="{{ asset.getUrl('square') }}" alt="{{ asset.title }}">
{% endfor %}

Error: Key "index" for array with keys "entry, ... " does not exist.


You'll need to reference the field handle within asset.
For instance > {{ asset.imageHandle.getUrl('square') }}.
I'm guessing you aren't seeing {{ asset.title }} either?


The issue here was not to do with NEO or how to access them, it was the loop index call to the parent not getting the correct context.

{{ loop.parent.index }} was the issue. It needed to be {{ loop.parent.loop.parent.loop.index }}

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