Is it possible to retrieve a control panel defined imagetransform’s dimensions in a front-end template without having to retrieve an asset? Because when there is no asset provided, I can't seem to find a (dynamic) way to get the width and height of the transform in order to calculate dimensions for a placeholder div


In Craft 3 you can call it like this:

{% set transformDimensions = craft.app.assetTransforms.getTransformByHandle('contentWidth') %}

width: {{ transformDimensions.width }}
height: {{ transformDimensions.height }}


Craft does not provide the assetTransformService in the craft.variable but you can include it by yourself. Create a function in your PluginVariable.php that does

public function getTransformationByHandle($handle){
    return craft()->assetTransforms->getTransformByHandle($handle);

and in your twig template
{% set transformation = craft.pluginHandle.getTransformationByHandle('yourHandle') %}

Edit: if you don't have a custom plugin then visit this page Pluginfactory fill out the inputs and select the lightswitch for "variable" paste my function into the /variables/pluginHandleVariable.php file and create a folder with the same name as your pluginhandle (the one you inserted in the input at the page) in /app/plugins/ then go to the control panel, install the plugin.

  • Sorry for the (very) late reply but this just solved my problem! Thank you very much!
    – mdmngz
    Feb 28 '18 at 16:05

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