Basically, I have two sections of a page. In one section of the page, I want to output the first 8 entries in a loop. In the next section of a page, I want to output from the 9th entry to the end of the loop. The entries that I'm looping through are eager loaded.

This is how I'm doing it right now:

{% set clients = element.clients.find({
    with: [
        ['logo', {
            withTransforms: ['newClientLogoPage']

{% for client in clients %}   
    {% if loop.index0 <= 7 %}

{% for client in clients %} 
    {% if loop.index0 >= 8 %} 

Essentially, I'm fully looping through the same entries twice and just starting and ending what is output at different spots using loop index.

Is there a better / more efficient way to start and end my loops at different points without doing two full loops like I am now?

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Found this nugget about Iterating over a Subset in the Twig docs about slice:

{% for client in clients|slice(0, 8) %}
{% endfor %}

{% for client in clients|slice(8) %}
{% endfor %}

More details about slice.

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