I am trying to pull channel entries and display them using a loop. These entries would then be organized by the category they are assigned to based on a categoryfield a user selects when creating the entry. Below is the code I am beginning with.

{% set category = entry.myCategoriesField.first() %}
{% if category %}
 {% for car in craft.entries.section('category')%}
  **Might need a set option here for entries??**


{% endif %}

Should look like:


  • Prius: {{Description}}


  • Ram {{Description}}
  • Silverado{{Description}}


  • Suburban {{Description}}
  • Escape {{Description}}

Any thoughts or direction would be helpful.

I have looked into the following code but don't think it would work the way I want to.

{% set category = entry.myCategoriesField.first() %}
{% if category %}
{% endif %} 

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Have part of the solution which is to use:

{% set categories = entry.categoriesFieldHandle %}
{% if categories | length %}

<h3>Some great categories</h3>
{% nav category in categories %}
    {%for entry%}

{% endnav %}
{% endif %}

Just now need to find out how to add the Category Title in and work on separating the entries out.

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