I have made a simple plugin (with pluginfactory.io) that has been working perfectly so far. But after taking it to our live test-site it is causing the /admin/settings page to stop working, throwing the error that the plugin's settings template cannot be found.

[error] [exception.Craft\TemplateLoaderException] Craft\TemplateLoaderException: Unable to find the template “pluginname/pluginName_Settings” in "settings/_index" at line 8. in /craft/app/etc/templating/twigextensions/TemplateLoader.php:123

I have dumped the production DB and imported it locally, I have checked that the files exists both in git and on the server, but I still only get this error on the server, everything is working fine locally.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

public function getSettingsHtml() {
    return craft()->templates->render('pluginname/pluginName', array(
        'settings' => $this->getSettings()

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Sounds like production has a case-sensitive file system and locally you don't.

For example, you're trying to render a template called mytemplate.html on the file system, but you're using myTemplate.html in the plugin code.

  • Thank you, this would have taken me ages to figure out on my own!
    – Syversen
    Commented Sep 19, 2017 at 7:34

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