I have 2 Main Groups of Categories, which themselves have Sub-Categories.
The Categories you see have checkboxes to filter entries below.
One Sub-Group has also Children (With Material/ Without Material) ->Screenshot.
I need to collapse these two groups (on click they open/close).
How can i target these Sub-sub-Category Groups?
Right now i use:

{% ifchildren %}
 <ul class="subcategory-list">
   {% children %}
{% endifchildren %}

enter image description here

I tried some with siblings but cannot get it to work. I also need to add extra html fot the arrow to indicate the collapse and to open the sublist.
If i add it right now, it gets added to all category-groups.

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I'm not sure, but I think you might need to use level in your loop.

{% set categories = craft.categories.group('groupHandle').level(3) %}

{% for category in categories %}
    // etc
{% endfor %}

Have a look at the docs:


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