I'm trying to create a switch statement for a single entry event template that has various entry fields associated with it (description, contact, location, etc.) from an Events Channel I have. Rather than using a bunch of IF's to display only those fields that have been populated, I'm trying to use a switch statement instead, but I can't get this to work when I based the switch on the 'entry.type." I'm trying to something like this, but it's not working. Any help would be appreciated!

{% switch entry.type %}
{% case 'contact' %}
    {{ entry.contact }}
{% case 'location' %}
    {{ entry.location }}
{% endswitch %}

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It's a little unclear what you need to achieve here –

If your entries' entry type handles actually are 'contact' and 'location', the above code should work; which means that you've got an error somewhere that isn't really possible to figure out based on your description – e.g. the entry type handle is actually contacts, and not contact, or something like that.

One thing you might try, is to simply print the entry.type variable in a template, to see if it contains what you expect it to contain:

{{ entry.type }}

On the other hand, if your issue is simply that some entries have a contact field populated and others have a location field populated, you can't really use a {% switch %} statement in any sensible manner for that – though a plain old {% if %} would do it:

{% if entry.contact %}
    {{ entry.contact }}
{% elseif entry.location %}
    {{ entry.location }}
{% endif %}
  • Thanks, Mat! I was basically trying to do what you described, which is to use a switch statement rather than a bunch of IF statements. Good to know that wouldn't work. I was figuring using a switch was perhaps a better, less taxing way to set up all my fields, check to see if they're populated, and then have them print if the field is populated rathering than using a bunch of IFs. Thanks again!
    – user3092
    Sep 12, 2017 at 21:28
  • No worries. In terms of less taxin, I really doubt you'll find any difference in performance in switch statements vs. regular if conditionals, one way or the other – switch statements can offer a more clear/readable syntax in some situations (and I don't think yours is a plausible use case for them), but that's about it :) Sep 12, 2017 at 21:30

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