I've got two kinds of channel entries: Bills and Legislators. Legislators have a SuperTable of votes. Each vote is related to one Bill. I want to get all the votes associated with a particular Bill and display them on that Bill's page, but I can't fetch more than 100 items. Here's my current code:

{% set reverseRelatedVotes = craft.supertable.getRelatedElements({
    relatedTo: {
        targetElement: entry,
        field: 'scorecardVotes.bill',
    section: 'legislators'
}).limit(null).order('lastName ASC') %}

limit(10) works as expected, but anything over the standard Craft limit of 100 returns 100. How can I get all the related votes for a given Bill?


Figured it out - I needed to remove the limit earlier in the process: adding 'limit' => null after line 72 of SuperTableVariable.php did the trick.

I'll submit a pull request to that effect as soon as I figure out how to do that.

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