I'm trying to add an export function to my calendar that will export a single event.

When I use the example code, it exports my entire calendar.

I tried passing a single event using this code:

{% set events = craft.calendar.event(craft.request.getSegment(3), ({
    loadOccurrences: false 
})) %}

{{ craft.calendar.export(events) }}

and I get this error:

Argument 1 passed to Calendar\Library\Export\AbstractExportCalendar::__construct() must be an instance of Calendar\Library\Events\EventList, instance of Calendar\Library\Events\Event given, called in /craft/plugins/calendar/variables/CalendarVariable.php on line 128 and defined

Is there a way to export only individual events?


There's a definitely a syntax error in your first line.

    loadOccurrences: false

should be:

    loadOccurrences: false

Also, from their docs, the export method only shows one parameter being passed in and you've specified two.

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