I have a bunch (about 3000) of imported users from a website, which is currently on a redesign. When the site is finished, I would like to send an email to all users, saying that the site is relaunched, has a new structure ect. and therefore they have to set a new password.

I found nothing in the Craft settings, as well in the forum.

Do I have to write a plugin? Or can I achieve this with the Sprout Email plugin? I saw, there is a event "When a user logs in".

This could also work for me: a users logs in and gets automatically to the a page to set a new password.

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I'm not sure if the Sprout Email plugin can do anything to help you or not, but I can think of a few options that would involve simple, custom plugins.

Every user has a "Require a password reset on next login" that an administrator can set from the CP under their settings. You probably don't want to do that manually for 3,000 users, but a simple plugin (or a simple SQL query) could set the passwordResetRequired column in the craft_users table in the database to 1.

If you wanted to send an email and include a password reset link in that email ahead of time, a plugin would change that column to 1 for all users and follow similar logic in the UsersController for getting the password reset link and include that in the email body that you'd send to every user programatically.

  • the sql query route would probably be easiest if OP has access to the database administration
    – Keith M
    Commented Aug 23, 2017 at 4:11
  • did anyone write a plugin for this? I am in the same situation. Although I might just write them a manual on how to reset the password. But it's rather lame and customers tend to get confused very easily. Anyone?
    – outline4
    Commented Oct 22, 2019 at 12:10

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