Can anyone suggest on how to programatically save fields to a GlobalSet? I’ve been following this: Programatically Adding Fields to a Layout

But, doesn’t seem to work with a global?

I am doing the following :

  • Create a new field group - works
  • Assign fields to field group - works
  • Create global set - works
  • Create field layout - works
  • Create field layout tab - works
  • Set fields to layout tab - nope


// get all the fields from company info fieldgroup
$Fields = $FieldGroup->getFields();
// Get field layout
$GlobalSetLayout = $GlobalSet->getFieldLayout();

// Create tab model
$GlobalSetLayoutTab = new FieldLayoutTabModel();
$layout = craft()->fields->getLayoutByType(ElementType::GlobalSet);

// Set the tab's fields

// setTabs() expects an array
$layoutTabs[] = $GlobalSetLayoutTab;

// Now, set the tabs back in the layout.

Not sure if part of the issue is because Globals don’t exactly have a “tab”, but looking at others in the database it does seem to have one with the name “Content”


Something like this should work:

// Generate name and handle.
$globalSetName = "My Global Set";
$globalSetHandle = lcfirst(str_replace(" ","", ucwords($globalSetName)));

// Create a global set
$globalSet= new GlobalSetModel();
$globalSet->name = $globalSetName;
$globalSet->handle = $globalSetHandle;

// get all the fields from  fieldgroup
$fields = $fieldGroup->getFields();

// Get ids of the fields.
$fieldIds = array();
foreach ($fields as $field)
    $fieldIds[] = $field->id;

// Assemble the field layout
$globalSetLayout = craft()->fields->assembleLayout(
        'Content' => $fieldIds,

// Set the field layout type.
$globalSetLayout->type = ElementType::GlobalSet;

// Set field layout on global set.

// Save global set.
  • Works perfect thank you Brad, just needed to change foreach ($fields $field) to foreach ($fields as $field)
    – joep
    Aug 16 '17 at 8:11
  • 1
    Oops... fixed!!
    – Brad Bell
    Aug 16 '17 at 19:37

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