I need to allow store managers to edit their store. I'm most of the way there and have the title field and a couple of other plain text fields set up. However there isn't any documentation available for other field types including:

The documentation is only includes examples for input and textarea fieldtypes and not any other first party custom fieldtype . What is the best approach to being able to edit these field types?

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There is actually quite a bit of documentation on templating for various field types. Go to the Fields section of the online docs and then select the field you are interested in, e.g. you will find a very comprehensive templating guide for assets here

  • I'm not sure how those links help with the first party plugin store-hours. I'm really stuck on how to get that to pull out the existing data if it exists and update with new data should the front end form be edited.
    – CreateSean
    Aug 8, 2017 at 13:38

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