I have some questions about events. I want to fire a custom event from another plugin. The event handler is in MyHelpers_PostService.php (plugin A).

public function onSavePost(Event $event)
    $this->raiseEvent('onSavePost', $event);

My init() method (plugin B):

public function init()
    craft()->on('myHelpers_Post.savePost', function(Event $event)
       // delete a cache key 

This is my first time working on Craft events, so please bear with me. I tested this by saving a new Helpers Post on the front-end and nothing happens.

The clearCache() method is just using Craft's deleteCachesByKey();

  1. Is myHelpers_Post.savePost correct?
  2. What else do I need to make this work?
  3. How do I test this properly? Can I use Craft::dd() inside the handler?

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myHelpers_Post.savePost was wrong. It should have been myHelpers_post.savePost. It's okay to delete this question.

  • It's good to keep the question in, in case someone else comes across a similar problem. Just accept your own answer as the correct one!
    – KSP
    Aug 6, 2017 at 7:56

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