A while ago I asked how to check if a plugin is enabled/installed. I've since used a couple methods to do my checks:

{% set plugin = craft.plugins.getPlugin('myPlugin', false) %}

{{ plugin.isEnabled() ? 'plugin enabled' : 'plugin disabled'}} <br/>
{{ plugin.isInstalled() ? 'plugin installed' : 'plugin not installed'}} <br/>

{{ craft.myPlugin is defined ? 'plugin true' : 'plugin false' }}

Now I recall this working with Twig Extension functions and filters too. It wasn't pretty, but it worked.

I may wrong, but I think one of the Craft CMS Updates have broken this. Because as-of-late, when I do something like this:

{{ craft.myPlugin is defined ? myFunction() }}


{{ craft.myPlugin is defined ? someVariable|myFilter() }}

(myFunction being a twig function, and myFilter being a twig filter)... I get an error:

Unknown "myFunction" function

Another new change/bug I've noticed (related to this); if a database can't be connected to and devMode is off, I will get this instead of the 503 error template.

Unknown "myFunction" function in "_layouts/main" at line 85.

It's as if the Twig functions/filters get priority over anything else. Am I making this up, and this has always been the case? Or has something changed?

  • I'm also experiencing some what Mark Bolton is seeing... that is if a plugin is disabled or not installed: the conditionals fail with the Unknown "myFunction" function. For example, trying to confirm that Cookies is installed & enabled, following throws the Unknown function error if it's not installed: {{ craft.cookies is defined ? getCookie() }} However, the following does not throw the error: {{ craft.cookies is defined ? craft.cookies.get() }} Skimming through the Cookies code, I don't see anything immediately obvious as to the difference
    – user7830
    Commented Jan 9, 2018 at 19:50

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I just a test of this locally in a sample plugin and I get expected behavior.

If I install and enable the plugin in Craft and use this in a template:

{% set plugin = craft.plugins.getPlugin('myPlugin', false) %}

{{ plugin.isEnabled() ? 'plugin enabled' : 'plugin disabled'}}<br/>
{{ plugin.isInstalled() ? 'plugin installed' : 'plugin not installed'}}<br/>

{{ craft.myPlugin is defined ? 'plugin true' : 'plugin false' }}

I get this output:

plugin enabled 
plugin installed 
plugin true

If I add a Twig Extension class to the plugin, then register a myPluginTestFunction function that outputs "It Works"... i.e.

public function getFunctions()
    return array(
        'myPluginTestFunction' => new Twig_Filter_Method($this, 'myPluginTestFunction', array('is_safe' => array('html'))),

public function myPluginTestFunction()
    return 'It Works';

Then I do this is a template:

{{ craft.myPlugin is defined ? myPluginTestFunction() }}

Then I get the expected output of:

It Works

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