As you can see, I would like to see what challenge the submission is linked to, even though that Challenge might now be turned off (expired or disabled). Is this a bug or intended behaviour. Is there an easy way to get this up and running?

If it's intended, I'm not sure why there's a green "enabled" dot on it, there's no way they can be anything else.

In my screenshot, the field Challenge is an entry field and the entry "Challenge #1" is assigned to, but is now expired and not showing in the table.

Example of what's happening

  • "Challenge" is an entries field? If so, in your example is there a "Challenge #1" entry with a status of disabled we're not seeing? – Brad Bell Jul 31 '17 at 23:11
  • Yes, exactly (sorry it was not precise enough). In my screenshot, the entry "Challenge #1" is assigned, but is now expired and not showing in the table. – Eric Chantigny Aug 1 '17 at 13:19

Yeah, I agree it's a bit awkward UI-wise in this scenario, but that's currently expected behavior.

You'd probably be able to pull off what you're looking for with a custom plugin by listening to the getEntryTableAttributeHtml hook, though.

In there, you'd check if the passed in attribute is the one for your entries field type, grab the current status and modify the HTML that gets returned based on the status.

  • That sounds great, but I have not touched any plugin development yet and already having trouble trying to figure out a group by option. Adding this to my timeline would be too long. I found a workaround, using a category instead to assign the entries. I can even search entries with a specific category, which is not a bad idea. But it would definitely be a good idea to see the same result in the table as we seen in the actual edit page. Thanks! – Eric Chantigny Aug 1 '17 at 18:31

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