What would be the best way to select and display featured entries? For example, if I want to choose at least 3 entries to feature in a sidebar apart from the main content?


I would suggest using a custom category OR a lightswitch field like it's described in the documentation.

Personally I would go with a category since you can fetch the entries for that particular category directly. With a lightswtich (I think) you need to fetch all, then run a if-statement to see which is selected.

  • You can fetch entries with lightswitch on like so: craft.entries.myLightSwitchName('1').find(). One advantage of the category solution though: you could add subcategories and other more complex stuff. For a simple solution (UX wise) I'd go with a lighswitch.
    – carlcs
    Aug 24 '14 at 13:49

It always depends on your needs, so there is not really a best way to do feature entries, at least if you don't give more specific info on what your exact situation is.

To have a nice overview of which entries are featured, you could add a new section (structure or channel), with an entries field to collect the entries you want to be featured.

Another idea would be to collect the feature entries in a global set using matrix. You need just a single block type, again with an entries field to make the relations.

A Matrix field or a structure section enables you to (optionally) re-order the entries to your liking.

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