I have been trying to set up a Charge 2 payment form and have it all working except for giving the user 3 different plan amounts at the end of the form.

For example, I need to offer the following in a select box or radio buttons at the bottom:

  • Plan A at $10.00
  • Plan B at $20.00
  • Plan C at $30.00

This is relatively simple using subscription modal, but I only want it to be a one off payment rather than daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Is this possible?


check out the docs here - http://squarebit.co.uk/software/craft/charge/usage/reference/payment-options and note this bit:

planIntervalCount accepts int The number of periods for a recurring plan. If you're creating recurring charge, this is required, and must be 1 or higher. Not including, or passing a 0 value will create a one-time charge.

So, you could do

<input type="hidden" name="planIntervalCount" id="planIntervalCount" value="0"/>

for a one off payment.

  • Hi John, yep this is exactly what I needed, worked a treat. Thanks for the reply Jul 26 '17 at 8:49

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