So in the Redactor config file, I have the standard "source" plugin enabled:

"plugins": ["source"]

This is great for the admins who want to go in a play with around with the markup. However, I'd like to avoid certain user types from having that level of control. Essentially I want to stop clients messing with stuff they shouldn't.

Is this possible?


Not possible with the native Rich Text field in Craft (or any field in Craft since the settings aren't defined on a per-user basis).

You could probably pull this off with a custom plugin that added a field type that extended Craft's Rich Text field and overwrote (at least) the getIntputHtml() and getSettingsHtml() methods to add per-user settings support.

  • Thanks for clarifying this Brad. When I've built a plugin for this, I'll update my question. Jul 27 '17 at 22:13

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