So I've been building my plugin to import product listings directly from Salesforce. So far I've been making progress. However, I've approached another roadblock and I was wondering how I would approach this issue. I want to write some code to add default fields into my product layout (e.g.- Body richtext, Image Asset field),

Someone showed me an example of this function that adds default content for a ProductType

 * @throws \Craft\Exception
 * @throws \Exception
private function defaultProductTypes()
    $productType = new Commerce_ProductTypeModel;
    $productType->name = 'Clothing';
    $productType->handle = 'clothing';
    $productType->hasDimensions = true;
    $productType->hasUrls = true;
    $productType->hasVariants = false;
    $productType->hasVariantTitleField = false;
    $productType->titleFormat = "{product.title}";
    $productType->template = 'shop/products/_product';

    $fieldLayout = FieldLayoutModel::populateModel(['type' => 'Commerce_Product']);

    $variantFieldLayout = FieldLayoutModel::populateModel(['type' => 'Commerce_Variant']);


    $productTypeLocales = \Craft\craft()->i18n->getSiteLocaleIds();

    foreach ($productTypeLocales as $locale) {
        \Craft\craft()->db->createCommand()->insert('commerce_producttypes_i18n', [
            'productTypeId' => $productType->id,
            'locale' => $locale,
            'urlFormat' => 'shop/products/{slug}'

I've tried to read through to see where I could include extra fields, but I'm a bit lost on where to start. Can anyone provide some insight or approach to this?


After hours of perusing, I managed to find a working solution to this issue. I threw this implementation from InstallService located in craft/app/services.

I realized that CommerceProduct and Variant Field Layouts were set into the Commerce Product Type Model via setFieldLayout() function, therefore all I would need to do is create a new Field Layout with the fields that I required and set them into defaultProductTypes().

    //Write this code in between CommerceProductFieldLayout and Variant type field Layout

    //Any custom fields for your products go here.
    //Format: $yourFieldName = FieldsVariable::getFieldByHandle("Your field's 
    $bodyField = FieldsVariable::getFieldByHandle('body');
    $tagsField= FieldsVariable::getFieldByHandle('tags');

    //Assemble a new layout that contains the fields you need.
    $infoLayout = craft()->fields->assembleLayout(
            'Content' => array($bodyField->id, $tagsField->id) //Add fields into this array to display your plugins. (e.g. - $YourFieldVariable->id)
        array($bodyField->id) //Add any required fields here.

    // Save Layout into specified product type.

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