I’m trying to cut down the amount of database queries on the homepage of a site I’m working on, and am attempting to do some eager loading of an asset set in a supertable field. However, although the queries drop, the focus point no longer works when I do, so I think it’s not setup right. Can anyone explain what I’m doing wrong please?

{% set mainCarousel = entry.mainCarousel.find({
 with: [
}) %}
{% for row in mainCarousel %}
{% set image = row.carouselImage[0] ?? null %}
{% set transformedImages = craft.imager.transformImage(image,
      { width: 1920, ratio: 3/1, jpegQuality: 60 },
      { width: 1440, ratio: 3/1 },
      { width: 1024, ratio: 3/1 },
      { width: 750, ratio: 4/3, jpegQuality: 60 },
      format: 'jpg',
      allowUpscale: false,
      mode: 'crop',
      jpegQuality: 80,
      position: image.focusPctX ~ '% ' ~ image.focusPctY ~ '%',
      interlace: true
) %}
 {% if image | length %}
   <source srcset="{{ craft.imager.srcset(transformedImages) }}">
   <img class=""
        data-lazy="{{ siteUrl }}assets/placeholder.png"
        src="{{ transformedImages[1].url }}"
        alt="{{ image.title }}">
 {% endif %}
 <div class="overlay-box">
   <h2>{{ row.heading }}</h2>
   <p>{{ row.text }}</p>
   {% set button = row.button %}
   {% if button|length %}<a class="readmore" href="{{ button.getUrl() }}">View Project</a>{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

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It has been answered in another thread here: enter link description here, but basically you have to use another focal point plugin called FocalPointField-Craft which then works with eager loading. And I've found also uses a lot less database queries than the other plugin too.


I ran into this issue too and had landed on this thread. I was able to piece together a solution using the modify elements query method. I wrote a pull request that got merged, so lazy-loading works with this plugin as of version 1.1.4.

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